Domestic Water Back-up

Water Storage

Tired of having constant water disruptions?
Wake up in the morning to get ready for work and there’s no water?
Want to bath the kids or make dinner and there’s no water?

It’s a sad fact that in this day and age your water supply is not guaranteed. The municipality is constantly trying to upgrade water infrastructure, new complexes are rising and water pressure in your house are dropping.

Speak to us about installing an emergency water back-up supply.

We install a 750L JoJo Slimline water tank (or larger) that is filled with your municipal water. When there is a water disruption in your neighbourhood, a pressure pump senses the loss of pressure, and the emergency water supply is automatically pumped into your house using a pressure booster pump. Open a tap or the shower and the pump switches on. Close the tap and the pump automatically switches off.

When the municipal water supply is back-on, your water tank will automatically start to refill. The pressure pump senses that municipal water is on again and you go back to using municipal water.

We place a manual (or optional electronic) gauge on your tank to see how much water is in your water tank.

This 750L water tank (or larger) water supply will give you a 24 hour back-up supply.
It can also prevent your geyser from running dry.

Water Storage