About Us

About Free Rain Conservation

Free Rain Conservation has been working to educate the public about water conservation and the harrowing facts about water depletion throughout the globe. We provide a variety of cost effective and advanced water saving solutions. Our company offers rainwater harvesting solutions, advanced greywater recycling solutions as well as municipal back-up systems. The service solutions that we offer our clients are of the most advanced technology, are environmentally friendly and play a role in reducing damage to our planet.

Mission and Vision

Free Rain aims to help the environment, as well as our clients, by providing the best value and the greatest solutions in regards to reducing the consumption of water. We have implemented a cost-effective and environmentally friendly water savings service solution. It is our goal to reduce South Africa’s carbon footprint and help in protecting you and the Earths fragile eco-system for generations to come.

With us, you have the opportunity to be a part of the solution rather than the problem. Water need no longer deplete, there is proven technology that is able to help in this regard and this technology has the ability to change the world! Our vision is to take it one step at a time and help our environment and humanity as a whole. Our water saving solutions such as rain harvesting and greywater recycling offer you the opportunity to, in essence, change the world.


Our Core Values and Principles

Free Rain believes in making a difference to the world. Our number one belief is that we can make a difference if we choose to, and we choose to educate the country about water saving solutions and the harm that comes with being wasteful with water. We are genuine about making a difference and helping future generations live a healthy and resource-full life. We offer innovative and technologically advanced service solutions. All of our products are environmentally friendly and offer the most proven water saving results.

We operate with:

• Honesty
• Transparency
• Innovation
• Integrity
• Value Added Solutions

Water Saving Tips

Do your part in saving the environment

• Always check for leaking taps. A single leaking tap will waste more than 2000 litres of water per month.
• There are many water saving ways to cook vegetables. This includes microwaving, using pressure cookers or simply steaming.
• A cost-effective way to contribute to saving water is the installation of water efficient taps. This will help in cutting your water usage, and you won’t even notice.
• Keep water stored in the fridge.
• Rinse and clean your cutlery in a plugged sink instead of under a tap that is running.